Young Leaders 4Excellence



It is not easy being a teenager. Youth are faced daily with many challenges. They are in a period of transition in which one day they may feel like a child and the next like an adult. They also experience a lot of pressure to conform - from parents, teachers and friends. However, every young person has the potential to rise above the pressures and problems to be a bright star to their generation. With training and opportunities to lead, young people can make a difference in their lives and in those of others. They can shine on Haiti!

Young Leaders 4Excellence is a leadership club & training program for young people ages 14-19. While the leadership club for teens is similar to those for children, we address the particular concerns of teens and focus on developing leadership and character so that they can live up to their potential and tackle the challenges of being happy and successful. They have the ability to influence major parts of their lives, much more than they imagine.

We invite youth to learn timeless principles and proven strategies for dealing with the issues and challenges all teens face. They can learn to improve their self-concepts, build friendships, develop healthy habits, resist peer pressure, achieve their goals and plan for their futures.  Learning is facilitated through experiential and participatory learning exercises such as discussion groups, listening and debate exercises, problem solving, critical reasoning exercises, role-playing, and a variety of creative activities and games. They also discover opportunities to serve in their communities.

We stress to the teen: “Everything you will ever be you are becoming right now. The choices you are making now are the building blocks for where you will be later.” The leadership club is a great opportunity for them to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills in a way that will serve them well throughout their lives.

We have several other projects in mind to enable them to do so; i.e. technology, micro-enterprise and English language lessons. With the help of others, I believe we can pave the road to success for them.

Success is not a destination; it is a journey. It's the ratio of where we are compared to where we could be according to our potential. If any one of these young people discovers a life purpose that realizes their individual potential, he or she will be successful. The most important thing is that they strive for excellence, being the best they can be according to what they have to work with. Their potential is a gift from God. What they do with it is their gift to Him. We pray that these young people become all they can be!