Even before the earthquake, the health care system in Haiti was sadly lacking. The earthquake brought in an amazing number of medical and health-care professionals. It is unimaginable what the Haitian people would have done without the compassionate aid of trained professionals who rushed in to save lives. Although at the moment, there are still health care teams operating in Haiti, those of us who live and work in Haiti must find ways to address the health-care needs of the people we serve.

4Ekselans occasionally provides mobile clinics to areas lacking medical care. Working with a team of healthcare professionals, we provide assessment and basic health care, particularly addressing tropical diseases; i.e. malaria; typhoid; intestinal, bacterial and parasitic infections; etc. Patients are given instruction, through demonstration and role playing, that focuses on preventive medicine, hygiene, clean water, mosquito control, and nutrition - starvation and sickness being twin evils the poor fear. Future plans are to train women and older youth as village health workers able to care for and educate others about the cause and prevention of common diseases, while attempting to dispel dangerous myths. This is critical in a nation where children routinely die from treatable diseases such as diarrhea and tetanus.

With the present interest in Haiti being expressed, we desire to collaborate with medical teams who are willing to volunteer their services from time to time. We especially seek out primary care physicians, tropical medicine specialists, and nurses; however, others are welcome. In addition to these volunteer teams serving in the mobile clinics, 4Ekselans will launch Health Initiatives in the communities we serve.

Our Objectives:

  • To provide primary health care to children and adults in rural areas where health care is lacking.
  • To provide donated medicines free-of-charge. To provide medicines we must purchase at a greatly reduced rate.
  • To provide immunizations for preventable diseases.
  • To provide specialized services from time-to-time.


  • Infant mortality rate - 76 deaths/1000 live births
  • One in ten children die before the age of five, mostly due to intestinal and acute respiratory diseases as well as malnutrition
  • 90% of children suffer from waterborne diseases and intestinal parasites.
  • 50% of children are unvaccinated.
  • Medical care - 3 physicians per 10,000 people (Health care in the countryside is very rare)
  • Only 40% of the population has access to basic health care.



Join others on a mission to Haiti. Working with native interpreters, share the Good News of Jesus Christ with children, youth, and adults. We welcome those with a desire to reach out to others and participate in the discipleship process.

We also appreciate the various gifts and ministries in the Body of Christ. Those who have proven ministries and credentials may also have the opportunity to teach; however, each one must present character references and complete an application before being scheduled to preach or teach.



The children and teens love when visitors come to share with them. Since the clubs focus on a number of topics, i.e. Bible, leadership, character, science exploration, health, financial education, arts and crafts, and various outlets for creativity, there are many opportunities to contribute. Not only are the children blessed, but the teams are blessed. Sharing love flows both ways.



While 4Ekselans prefers to rely on local labor for construction to provide jobs, there will be opportunities in the future, i.e. the building of the elementary school, for those with particular skills and expertise to lead projects and at the same time train young adults in the process. Training young adults to have good work ethics and to successfully and efficiently complete projects adds to their self-esteem and will provide them with valuable experience to help themselves economically.