4Ekselans School of Ministry



The 4Ekselans School of Ministry, an institute for the formation of Christian leaders, was launched in March 2013. We began the launch believing the Holy Spirit was going to produce a rich harvest of spiritual leaders for God’s glory and to advance the Kingdom of God. We have not been disappointed.

We prayed much that the Lord would send those of His choosing to be instructed and trained for effective ministry. Ninety-three young men and women have studied with us in the School of Ministry. We trust they were chosen and sent by Him.

In John 1:6, we read, "There was a man sent from God ... " The key to evangelism that results in making disciples of Jesus is that "man or woman sent from God."

God uses men and women for the fulfilling and perfecting of His eternal purposes. That man or woman should feel that he or she is a person of destiny: God-called, God-ordained, and God-sent. He is not to drift aimlessly, plagued with failure, but rather he is commissioned of God for a particular time, place and people.

The School is not a traditional theological seminary; therefore, we do not offer courses in systematic or historical theology, Greek, Hebrew, eschatology, hermeneutics, etc. Our focus is on preparation for five-fold ministry, missions and ministry leadership. However, it is a wonderful opportunity for the men and women called into ministry by the Spirit of God to study the Word of God together. To properly realize God's call on our lives, we must have the revelation of Christ in us and we must be formed by the Spirit of the Lord.

With this in mind, it is our desire to entrust the truths and principles found in God's Word to reliable men and women who will also in turn be qualified to teach others. We have been commissioning men and women to actively take part in the ministry of the Holy Spirit on the earth today. Whatever will be accomplished in and through them will only be done as His life flows in and through them.

Instruction is offered from a rich variety of personal ministry experience acquired for the duration of 47 years. We are now developing a teaching team. The classes are very exciting and are designed for varying degrees of spiritual maturity.


While we have many objectives, we consider these most important.

  • Provide a sound doctrinal foundation.
  • Help the Christian leader discover and develop his or her gifts and settle in his own mind and spirit his or her personal calling from God.
  • Encourage Christian leaders to develop greater depth of character and a fuller and richer knowledge of God.
  • Help the leader take steps that stretch his faith. Encourage him in ministry that causes him to depend on the Lord.
  • Encourage him to learn to communicate truth simply and clearly.
  • Assist the leader in refining his ministry skills: reporting, discussing, evaluating.
  • Provide the leader with hand-on learning and opportunities to develop his or her skills.

The curriculum is divided into several sections:

  • Christian Thought & Life
  • The Kingdom of God & Ministries of the Holy Spirit
  • The Making of a Man or Woman of God
  • Missions & the Church

It requires approximately four years for completion of all the courses of study.

  • 1 year – certificate
  • 2 year – certificate
  • 3 year – diploma
  • 4 year – license and ordination

We are thankful for each one of our students. We have students of different educational levels with some already actively involved in ministry and others who have been preparing to be. The primary requirement, however, for entry into the School is that one be hungry to know God better through His Word and the revelations of His Spirit.


Jesus Christ is King Church has been planted under the direction of the Holy Spirit for the express purpose of proclaiming, through preaching and teaching, the good news of the gospel of the kingdom of God. Our vision is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and teach the Word of God in such a credible and caring way that youth and young adults understand its relevancy in their lives today and joyfully live out Kingdom principles in every area of their lives, thereby presenting a witness to the world of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, building community among believers, establishing a Kingdom culture, and glorifying God.