Programs and Services


Voice of Excellence

The Voice of Excellence, La Voix d'Excellence, is a weekly broadcast and outreach of 4Ekselans. The program is hosted by Pierre Richard Lacoste and Mésac Méry, graduates of the Young Adults 4Excellence Leadership Institute and members of the 4Ekselans Leadership Council. Other graduates also participate on occasion as they discuss principle-centered leadership and its vital importance in shaping individuals as well as the future of our nation. The program airs on Radio Evangelique Hosanna, FM 102.3 FM, Jacmel, Haiti on Tuesday 9-10 PM.

Intimacy with God
Mésac Méry, a graduate of 4Ekselans School of Ministry, leads this study of God's Word. His desire is that our listeners come to know the God of the Word better and therefore develop a more intimate personal relationship with Him. The program airs on Radio Evangelique Hosanna, FM 102.3 FM, Jacmel, Haiti on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 5:30-7.



4Ekselans hosts a variety of seminars and conferences:

 - Church Leaders Conference: Embracing a Kingdom Culture

 - Missions Seminar: Impact Your Generation

 - Praise & Worship Seminar: Adore the King!

  - Salt & Light Leadership


 - Fashioned to Reign Women’s Conference

  - Learning Means Change Teachers’ Seminar

Fulfill Your Divine Destiny Women’s Conference : Watch Video




Although the WLI doesn’t strictly adhere to our mission, there is a tremendous demand for instruction in the English language. Students realize that fluency in the English language is a gateway to many opportunities! Instruction is given in small classes with individual attention for serious students. Our primary focus is on the advanced student who in the past had to travel to Port-au- Prince to complete his studies.



4Ekselans offers the service of a personal life coach for those who desire to work and live well with greater balance, deeper meaning, fresh perspective, and bigger rewards. We provide the tools, support and structure to help clarify a person’s goals & accomplish more than he or she would alone. The service is particularly beneficial to graduates of the Leadership Institute and School of Ministry who seek to further implement principles, knowledge, skills, and newly acquired habits in their lives.