Leadership Training


This three-year diploma course of study is designed specifically for the professional person. Participation in the course is limited to those who are able to fulfill the entry requirements by demonstrating academic ability, as well as other attributes and abilities measured at the time of placing an application.

In this course, we study the nature of leadership, foundations for good leadership, leadership competencies, skills, and attitudes, but we believe that Leadership itself is a critical competency, and we believe it can be taught. Our intent is to both strengthen a student's abilities as well as uplift his or her spirit. That means the course is both practical and inspirational.

We strive for excellence. Excellence in anything - whether it's leadership, music, sports, or engineering - requires disciplined practice. We encourage students do so with commitment and consistency.





This is a one-year course being taught in various communities by graduates of the Leadership Institute.  Personal leadership is about trying to be the best a person can be.  It's a process that never ends, because we never finish growing.  It involves identifying what's most important to the individual and finding his or her gifts and skills, developing them so he can successfully contribute to others and the community.  It's also about building one's character as the most effective strategy to building his or her personal leadership. Character comes from inside of a person-it reflects his or her values and principles.



This two-year diploma course of study is very similar to Excellence in Leadership for the Professional; however, instruction is given from a Biblical perspective. Therefore, students not only study principles, strategies, and skills for effective leadership but they also gain knowledge of the Scriptures as they study the basis and application of them in the Word of God.







Delpha Pierre Louis

Delpha Pierre Louis was one the first students in Young Adults 4Excellence Leadership Institute when we launched in Jacmel in 2007. Since graduating, he has become an invaluable member of the 4Ekselans team. Besides serving as Beverly's interpreter for 9 years now in the Leadership Institute and the church, he is a member both of the board of directors in the U.S. as well as the Leadership Council in Haiti. He is part of the teaching staff for the Leadership Institute and he is the recognized spokesperson in-country to represent 4Ekselans. Delpha has voluntarily served for all these years with diligence and commitment. He has invested in many lives! He has in the past also lead a Boys & Girls of Promise leadership club.


Méry Mésac

Méry Mésac a graduate of both 4Ekselans School of Ministry and Young Adults 4Excellence Leadership Institute has unselfishly served his community through the programs and ministries of 4Ekselans. He not only interprets for classes but he teaches as well. He hosts both of our radio programs and is our resident engineer and director of construction. Both Méry and his wife Fabienne participate in clinics, seminars, conferences, and leading worship in church. They are both an integral part of the team. Méry also has a passion to reach out to the children of our community, especially those growing up without fathers.



 Pierre Richard Lacoste

Pierre Richard Lacoste, M.Th., is the Director of Youth Leadership Development for 4Ekselans and the pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Breman, Haiti. He is a graduate of Young Adults 4Excellence Leadership Institute and the co-host of the Voice of Excellence radio broadcast. Pastor Lacoste serves as an instructor for both 4Ekselans School of Ministry and the Leadership Institute. He also facilitates Young Leaders 4Excellence leadership club for teens.Content




Although people may define leadership in various ways, at 4Ekselans, we define leadership as the ability to influence the thoughts, attitudes, and actions of others in ethical and socially responsible ways. We stress principle-centered leadership in which men and women of character work on the basis of universal principles and build those principles into the center of their lives, relationships, agreements, contracts, management processes and personal mission statements.

The nature of leadership is influence. One is a great leader only to the degree he or she is able to influence and empower others. Everyone influences someone - for good or bad. But when you influence people in a positive way, you add value to their lives. Throughout history, leaders have guided others through life’s challenges. Given the daunting challenges we face, competent leaders of integrity are needed. Now we know, not all leaders act in ethical and socially responsible ways. But the truly great and authentic ones will strive to do so, because everything rises and falls on leadership. If you aspire to leadership, then it behooves you to continually develop your character and leadership skills. READ MORE