Leadership Articles

Although people may define leadership in various ways, at 4Ekselans, we define leadership as the ability to influence the thoughts, attitudes, and actions of others in ethical and socially responsible ways. We stress principle-centered leadership in which men and women of character work on the basis of universal principles and build those principles into the center of their lives, relationships, agreements, contracts, management processes and personal mission statements. The nature of leadership is influence. One is a great leader only to the degree he or she is able to influence and empower others. Everyone influences someone - for good or bad. But when you influence people in a positive way, you add value to their lives. Throughout history, leaders have guided others through life’s challenges. Given the daunting challenges we face, competent leaders of integrity are needed. Now we know, not all leaders act in ethical and socially responsible ways. But the truly great and authentic ones will strive to do so, because everything rises and falls on leadership. If you aspire to leadership, then it behooves you to continually develop your character and leadership skills.

Honoring Our Values

A new year, rich with the promise of new beginnings, has arrived! Don't we all love the idea of new beginnings?!? A new year brings with it a sense of anticipation and the possibility of creating the kind of lives we desire. It is an opportunity to look back to where we have been and to look ahead to what we hope to become, accomplish, or achieve. But as we set goals and formulate plans for a new year, we should base them on the personal values that will make them the most effective and enduring. Read More


As a character trait, commitment is one of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose. It is the act of binding
and engaging oneself (emotionally or intellectually) to a particular course of action. Commitment
separates doers from dreamers. It is important because on the journey of life, and pursuing our dreams
and goals, there are many obstacles. Commitment will keep us going in the face of adversity and
challenges. Read More


Competence is another essential quality of great leadership. We all admire people who demonstrate high levels of competence. The people who you influence or lead expect you to be a competent leader, i.e. they expect you to be well qualified and fit for leadership. Read More

Be Proactive! You have the power!

To be proactive means that we are responsible for our own lives and we take the initiative to make things happen. We are often able to engineer our own events or create new circumstances. It involves anticipating situations or problems before they happen in order to discover and prepare solutions. Proactive people are always looking for solutions - ways to tackle the obstacles and make them work for them, not against them. They embrace challenges and take calculated risks. They choose not to wait around for life to happen to them. Read More

The Power of Purpose

Everything that has ever been made has been made with a purpose in mind. The Creator, inventor, manufacturer or artist saw something in his mind’s eye and he created with that intent. He created something with the exact specifications to achieve his purpose for its existence. It’s a great tragedy to be alive and not know why you are. I believe if you are alive today, there is a purpose for you to be. Unfortunately, it’s possible to be physically alive and living like the walking dead. To be truly alive and excited about life, it is essential to know what you were born to be and do. Read More

Begin with the End in Mind

We are all on a journey and how we travel will determine where we find ourselves at the end of it. This journey we call life is not a dress rehearsal and we get only one chance to live it well. Each day presents us with myriad choices and opportunities. When we know where we wish to end up, we make choices and embrace opportunities that bring us to the desired destination. Read More

Be a "Can-Do" Person!

Winners focus on what they can do not on what they cannot do! The next time you look at an unsatisfactory situation and think, "Why don't they do something about this?" stop and consider: "Why don't I do something about this? What can I do to bring about change?" Read More


"It's hard to be humble," says an old country song, "when you're perfect in every way." Of course, most people don't really think they are perfect, but still it is difficult to be humble in a society that highly values competition and independence. We propose that the way up is down; i.e. humility is an essential quality of great leadership. Read More


We've probably all heard the statements, "Who you are speaks so loudly I can't hear a word of what you are saying" or "I can't hear what you are saying because your actions (attitude, perceptions) are speaking much louder than your words." While communication for a leader may seem to be a skill rather than a quality, when we understand what it means to truly communicate, or commune, we realize it requires strength of character to communicate well. The word communication comes from the Latin word communis, meaning "the sharing of life." Read More


Great leaders cannot afford to be cowards! Leadership requires courage, that character quality that enables you to do the right thing even when others don't - to stand for your convictions when they are not popular. Read More