Educating The Next Generation



“Tell me, I forget.
Show me, I remember.
Involve me, I understand.”
---Ancient Chinese proverb

The 4Ekselans Community is a center of learning. Believing that education is the blueprint for nation building, the 4Ekselans curriculum is designed to empower students with the life skills necessary to succeed. Students are given the opportunity to learn about real life experiences and current issues while they are being developed as Haiti's future leaders.

To us at 4Ekselans, a comprehensive education includes much more than reading, writing, and arithmetic, however. Our programs focus on the education and health of the children's spirit, mind, heart, and body. We give hope to vulnerable children and challenge them to develop in all areas of their lives. The development of character, service and social responsibility are stressed.

Investing in youth is one of the most effective ways to influence the future of a nation. It is our belief that if Haiti is to have a future it will be realized in the next generation of leaders. Our desire is to develop leadership in those who only need a chance, and to provide effective mentors and training to propel them forward. We are committed with the help of many others to provide the tools and challenges able to set their spirits free, protect their dignity, promote their God-given uniqueness, and enable them to become all they can be – people of great value and the next generation of leaders!

We see four primary areas (spiritual, psychological, emotional/social and physical) in which to develop excellence. Since each part of an individual affects all other aspects, the programs and services of 4Ekselans are designed for growth and development of the total person. As such, we provide education & tools to develop healthy, balanced & productive lives.


Providing an enriched education to empower and inspire bright children to excel as life-long learners.

This elementary school, a balanced approach to educate the whole child, was established to provide an enriched elementary education with varied learning experiences to children who demonstrate exceptional potential but who may not have had sufficient opportunity to develop it.

This activity-based, Christ-centered program is a “breath of fresh air” compared to the poor quality of education often available to impoverished children.

La Famille Royale is part of the 4Ekselans Christian School Development Project. It serves as a lab school and a training center to better prepare teachers working in more remote areas.





Taking up where the local schools leave off, 4Ekselans provides weekend programs for children, 7-13. Boys & Girls of Promise Leadership Clubs are built around an enriched curriculum, hands-on learning experiences, opportunities to think critically and creatively, and tools that will help them on their way. We introduce them to ideas, principles, skills, behaviors, attitudes, and values that can make the difference for them. Activities are fun and have practical application. They include a variety of modules: science exploration, character development, leadership skills, Bible, health & hygiene, financial education, creative activities (arts & crafts, dance, drama, music appreciation), sports and technology.


When a child first enters a Boys & Girls of Promise leadership club, we spend time trying to understand his or her personal needs. When a girl is asked what her favorite activity is, she often replies, "cleaning the house," "washing clothes," or "washing dishes." When a boy is asked what his favorite meal is, he often replies "mayi moulen ak sòs pwa," which is polenta and a bean sauce. These are their favorite things because they are what they know.

Those are hardly the answers we'd expect from a more privileged child. I should say that when we speak of the Haitian people and Haitian children in particular, we are not speaking of all Haitians. Some are more privileged than others. We are speaking of the most vulnerable and underprivileged. They work hard, long hours - washing clothes by hand, hauling water from long distances, keeping house, tending to livestock, and caring for the younger children - often without adequate nutrition. Learning to be responsible is a good thing, but some are too young to be carrying the burdens of survival.

Like all children, our students do have dreams. Unfortunately, they tend to quickly lose hope of ever having anything better than what they know. So many resources and so much potential become buried under disappointment, a battered self-image, and a sense of hopelessness. We can't make their dreams come true for them, but we do encourage them to dream and we teach them how to live effectively. We empower them to live out their dreams by providing them with learning experiences that will nurture their young, impressionable minds, heal their broken bodies, and set their spirits free.

All children deserve to be loved and valued and accepted for the unique and precious individuals they are. They deserve to have their needs met, but with limited resources, we do look for those who potentially will produce the greatest ROI, or return on investment. These are primarily the children we have been called to serve. We hold up a standard of excellence before them and we expect to see results. Although some more lasting changes may take years to witness, we believe that if these children learn to think well, the behavior, attitudes, and values will follow.


These children need to believe they can succeed, that they can have better lives. Better, to what degree? That largely depends on them. But unless they believe in possibilities and their ability to achieve, they will be limited in what they can and will do.

Will they all attend university, becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors, or community leaders? That is unlikely. But with our help, perhaps they will all complete a secondary education or learn a trade that showcases a natural talent and allows them to earn a living.