4Ekselans anticipates a very exciting future, as we have the opportunity to invest in tomorrow’s leaders, training bright, young minds to think in fresh, new ways – productive thinking that will ultimately impact their lives in unprecedented ways and inspire them to reach for their full potential. The success of 4Ekselans in advancing its mission to the children, youth and young adults of Haiti and in accomplishing its goals and objectives to bring positive change, hope, and the development of spirit, mind, heart and body will rest on our ability to effectively pursue five strategic imperatives in the next few years.

  • Launch needed 4Ekselans programs and services in Haiti.
  • Refine and enhance programs and services.
  • Expand the scope of 4Ekselans services and programs to build a model community, which will include a residential facility/boarding school for boys and girls growing up without fathers.
  • Strengthen operational capacity and infrastructure.
  • Track and evaluate performance.

Our Leadership Council meets regularly to pray, strategize and plan. Both the needs and opportunities are many, but we must determine where we can make the greatest impact and achieve the greatest good.



  • Haiti’s literacy rate is 61% – 64% for males and 57% for females. (CIA Fact book Nov 2015) The average literacy rate for Latin American and Caribbean developing countries is 92%. (World Bank 2015)


  • 50 percent of children do not attend school. (World Bank 2013)
  • Approximately 30% of children attending primary school will not make it to third grade; 60% will abandon school before sixth grade. (UNICEF 2008)
  • Only 29 percent of Haitians 25 and above attended secondary school. (USAID 2015)
  • Almost 80 percent of teachers have not received any pre-service training. (USAID 2015)
  • Half of public sector teachers in Haiti lack basic qualifications. (USAID 2015)
  • 90% of primary schools are non-public and managed by communities, religious organizations or NGOs. (USAID 2007)



When George Coles, Shelley Rojano, and I, Beverly Najt, first met in 2005 to discuss the founding of 4Ekselans, we agreed to reach out to the less fortunate and most vulnerable children of Haiti, especially those growing up without a father or positive male role model in the home. From among such children, we purposed to invest in those who demonstrate promise but require opportunity to excel.

These children are the reason 4Ekselans was founded. We do what we do because we care! We commit ourselves to salvage lives rich with dormant potential before they are beaten down and wasted. The 4Ekselans team both in the U.S. and Haiti are working together to give Haiti's children a fighting chance against threats to their development into competent adults and leaders. We wholeheartedly desire to make a difference by adding value to their young lives, by setting new standards, and by creating new dimensions of performance. We desire to give them wings!

Entrenched in poverty, many children in Haiti are quite rich in personal resources (intelligence, gifts, and talents). They simply have had little opportunity to develop them. These children are the next generation of leaders. They are the future of Haiti! We must determine to give them our best.

Consider the problems and needs of Haiti. They are numerous and complicated. Corrupt government reminds us that government by the people and for the people is critical to nation-building. Collapsed infrastructures demand reconstruction. The needs for adequate schools, housing, roads, potable water, sanitation, and medical facilities cry for attention. Haiti did not get this needy overnight and neither will her problems be solved overnight. Long before the devastating earthquake in 2010 or the recent cholera epidemic, the Haitian people have struggled to survive - even when all odds were against them.

People often ask, "Why is Haiti like she is?" Wow! What a question! There are no easy answers, but we do know the country will primarily be changed by changing the lives of individuals – one at a time. Without educated people of character with a new breed of leadership built into them, Haiti's future will not be much brighter than it is today. Therefore, we believe the most urgent and critical need is people who are able to lead the development and renaissance. I'm speaking specifically of people who are truly and comprehensively educated - spirit, mind, heart, and body. These will be people who have learned to lead themselves first before they attempt to lead others - people who model godly, timeless principles that apply to business, government, and institutions, and who possess the leadership skills and character qualities to withstand the heated challenges of change.

The problems of Haiti could consume our thinking, but we have deliberately chosen to consistently and strategically focus on the children, youth, and young adults of Haiti, engaging them one by one. We understand that these children represent a microcosm of community needs: poverty and all the ills that accompany it, oppression, child servitude, debilitating superstition and fear, hopelessness, abuse - physical, mental, and sexual, etc.

Our approach reaches out to the individual because improving individual lives will ultimately impact the nation as a whole and will produce the next generation of leaders. Indeed, investing in them is one of the most effective ways to impact the nation.

Our part in the healing of a nation may be a small one, but many hands working together can achieve rewarding results and changed lives. The words of President Woodrow Wilson challenge us, "You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand."


We work with the children because we care - because we love them and are moved by their plights. We believe it is important to invest in them from an early age - in their formative years. We help them to build brick by brick on a strong foundation, knowing that character is the foundation that will most certainly enable them to weather the many storms they will encounter, to one day realize their potential, and to make their own significant contributions to their world.

We understand they need the survival essentials of food, water, clothing, and housing, but to truly thrive, they need so much more. They need a sense of empowerment to rise above the misery they see around them every day. They need to believe that they matter - that they are unique and valuable, loved and appreciated. They need to understand that they have the power to choose in ways that can produce good results for them. James Rhinehart admonishes, "I've learned that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become."